Dearing Plastics Limited aims to ensure that their products and services meet the needs of their customers. This expectation is at the forefront of the organisation, especially with regards to our contractual requirements, our policies and our procedures.

Dearing Plastics will endeavour to put their customers first and any requirements are dealt with the upmost delicacy. The entirety of the workforce know the importance of their customer needs and with the accurate communication throughout the organisation, Dearing Plastics Quality Management System has become professionally effective.

Dearing Plastics are committed to the development and improvement of the Quality Management System. With the correct arrangements and personnel implemented to demonstrate their capacities with regards to the Quality Management System, the effectiveness and efficiency will be forever improving.

Every product which is manufactured by Dearing Plastics is produced with the upmost care and consideration. The adherent to our quality guidelines is highly important and any deviation from such specific guidelines will not be compatible with the service which we provide.

In result I hope this fills our present and future customers with confidence that their needs and expectations will be considered in the highest regard.

Furthermore, it is an honour to be certified with the most recent form of certification in regards to an internationally recognised certification body called ISO. The aforementioned certification body is a participant within the field of quality control and the certification which Dearing Plastics have been awarded is something which cannot be underestimate